4 Gelatin Substitutes Every Vegan or Vegetarian Needs to Try

Enjoy mousse, custards, and more with these vegan gelatin substitutes. Use them in your favorite desserts as a thickening or gelling agent!

Agar agar

It’s used to gel, emulsify, and thicken foods. Agar is usually available as flakes or powder, but you can find it in bar or sheet form too.


Pectin is a fiber that’s found in the cell walls of many fruits. When pectin is heated and mixed with acids and sugars, it forms a thick gel-like substance.


Carrageenan, also known as carrageen or Irish moss, comes from dried red seaweed. Like agar, it develops a gel-like consistency once it’s boiled.

Vegan Jel

Vegan jel is a type of product, rather than a single ingredient. Depending on the brand, it may contain ingredients like vegetable gum, carrageenan, and tapioca dextrin.

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