What to Do with Giant Zucchini

We’ve all been surprised by that oversized zucchini hiding in the garden. Before you toss yours into the compost heap, let us tell you about all the ways you can use giant zucchini in the kitchen.

When Should You Harvest Zucchini?

The key to avoiding gargantuan zucchini is to pick early and often. You can harvest zucchini in varying sizes depending on the recipe you plan to use it in.

Are Big Zucchinis Edible?

If you miss the window for both super-small and normal-sized zucchinis and end up with a giant zuc, don’t worry, this size of zucchini is edible, too.

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26 Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes for Overgrown Zucchini

Here are 26 of our favorite vegetarian and vegan recipes that taste great with immature or overgrown zucchini.

Savory Zucchini Recipes

Their mild flavor and drier flesh can complement the zesty sauces and bold flavors in many dishes.

Zucchini Breads, Muffins, and Sweets

Overgrown zucs tend to work better for muffins and breads because they have less moisture and less flavor.

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