Why Don’t Dogs Eat Vegan? Best Dog Food for Ethical Feeding

Dogs can't follow vegan diets, but they can eat sustainably and ethically while getting the nutrients they need. Find out how with these tips and our recommendations for the best dog food brands.

Dogs aren’t obligate carnivores. This means they’re able to get or synthesize all the amino acids their bodies need from plant sources. But that doesn’t mean dogs should only eat plants. 

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Vegan?

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With short intestines and digestive enzymes made for meat, dogs' digestive tracts struggle to pull nutrients from plants. This means a vegan diet isn't enough to sustain them.

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Vegan?

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Feeding a dog a vegan diet is not something veterinarians advise. But that doesn’t mean you can't help your dog eat more ethically, sustainably, and humanely.

How Can You Feed Your Dog Ethically?

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Free-range, organic meat is considered more humane than meat that comes from animals raised in highly stressful, unclean factory environments.

Choose Humanely Raised, Sustainable Meat

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While still a living creature and not vegan in any way, insects are a highly sustainable, more humane alternative for providing biologically appropriate protein to your dog.

Feed Insects

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