5 Best Herb Scissors

Herb scissors make chopping herbs quick and efficient, but only if they work. Avoid pairs that are destined to jam or rust and check out our list of the best herb scissors on the market.

The 5-blade setup is the golden standard in herb scissors. Four extra blades mean you’ll be done chopping your herbs and greens in a quarter of the time. And they are durable and sharp to boot.

Chefast Herb Scissors Set

Kevin Doran / Unsplash

Like the Chefast, these scissors are have 5 durable blades that are sharp and sturdy. They have a similarly comfortable handle and are about the same size.

VIBIRIT Herb Scissors Leaf Herb Stripper

Chinh Le Duc / Unsplash

Kitchen shears can be just as useful as herb scissors if you have a more precise job to do. If you prep a lot of herbs, having both options on can be nice.

Goodful 5-Blade Herb Scissors and Kitchen Shears

V2osk / Unsplash

One benefit to single-blade herb scissors over those with multiple blades is that they won’t get jammed up with debris. Multi-blade scissors require frequent brushing, while single-blades can chop without pause.

Shanasana Kitchen Herb Scissors

Alyson McPhee / Unsplash

If you do as much vegetable prep as I do, one pair of herb scissors isn’t going to do a ton to cut down on your time in the kitchen. This set includes herb scissors, salad shears, and general kitchen shears.

IHIHOS Kitchen Shears Set

Conscious Design / Unsplash

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