Our Best Herb Scissors of 2023

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Herb scissors are made to save you time. But if you have a cheap pair that gets jammed or struggles to shear through soft leaves, then they quickly become more time-consuming than using a cutting board and knife.

In order to get the most benefit from your herb scissors, you have to find a quality pair that lives up to the promises made on the box. As someone who spends at least part of every meal prep slicing fresh herbs out of the garden, I can tell you that this is not as easy as it should be.

Luckily, after much trial and error, I’ve found the top two herb scissors I absolutely love!

Scissors Reviews

Each time I try a new pair of herb scissors, I rate them on three separate qualities: durability, effectiveness, and comfort.

Any product lacking in any one of these areas is guaranteed to make your herb prep process more strenuous rather than less. Of every pair of scissors I’ve tried over the years, I have only found a handful that could stand up to this rigorous rating process. 

Now I’d like to share with you what makes these two herb scissors the best and what needs each one meets to help you find your new favorite pair.

VIBIRIT Herb Scissors Leaf Herb Stripper

Our best option in the 5-blade realm is the VIBIRIT Herb Scissors and Leaf Stripper set.

These scissors are made up of 5 durable blades that are sharp and sturdy enough to make quick work of even a full garden of herbs. They also have a similarly comfortable handle and are about the same size.

In addition to a dual blade cover/brush, this set also includes a dedicated brush with deep bristles, a beautiful stainless steel leaf stripper, and a triple-head peeler. The leaf stripper has 8 different-sized holes to strip everything from tiny thyme to chunky Italian parsley. And the peeler has three rotating blades that can peel, julienne, and slice.

If you’re in need of more kitchen tools than simple herb scissors to help expedite your salad prep, then the VIBIRIT set is the way to go.

Goodful Herb Scissors 5-Blade Professional Stainless Steel Multipurpose Kitchen Shears

A good pair of kitchen shears can be just as useful for cutting herbs as dedicated herb scissors if you have a smaller or more precise job to do. If you prep a lot of herbs, having both options on hand can be nice. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I recommend the Goodful Herb Scissors set.

The 5-blade herb scissors in this set are made with extra-sharp, stainless steel blades. The handles are more comfortable than other sets I’ve tried and include an extra-wide fingers hole. Like other 5-blade scissors recommended here, these stand up to repeated use better than many others out there.

In addition to the 5-blade scissors, this set also comes with a versatile pair of kitchen shears. The blades on these shears are wide enough to handle tough tasks like cutting through thick veggies and twine. But they’re also sharp with a thin pointed end—perfect for precisely chopping herbs and greens.

This set includes safety covers for both scissors and a built-in cleaning brush. They are well worth the buy if you plan to use your kitchen shears just as often as the herb scissors.

Herb Scissors Buying Guide

Herb scissors are far from the most complex kitchen tools we’ve covered on this site, but there are still a few key features you should be aware of before you purchase your new favorite pair.

Here’s everything you need to know about the features and options available with different herb scissors.

Single-Blade Scissors

Single-blade herb scissors have narrower blades with sharper points than traditional kitchen shears. This dainty build allows them to cut more precisely without crushing or tearing delicate herb flesh.

These types of scissors are nice for small herb cutting jobs and for cutting especially delicate greens. They won’t save you much time compared to a knife, but you will get a much cleaner-looking product.

5-Blade Scissors

Multi-blade herb scissors were designed with one purpose in mind: to save you time. The blades tend to be fairly narrow but are not usually as pointed as single-blade types. Your cuts won’t be as precise or clean with these, but you will get through that bowl of chives much more quickly.

A quality pair of 5-blade scissors will have sharp blades that won’t dull or bend and a strong rivet that won’t allow those blades to shift position even with heavy use. A comfortable handle is also a must.

Necessary Extras

Most herb scissors come with a few bonus items—just look at everything that comes with the VIBRIT herb scissors! But the two most important items to look for are a blade brush and a blade cover.

Blade Brush

Blade brushes are only necessary for multi-blade scissors. No matter how well the scissors are made or what they are made of, herb cuttings will get stuck between the blades of this type of scissor. Having a blade brush to easily clear the blades is a must if you want to work quickly without wasting herbs.

Often, this brush is built into the end of the blade cover. This works well as long as the brush is deep enough to clear the entire blade width.

Blade Cover

A blade cover is not totally necessary, but it is very nice to have, especially if you store your scissors in a drawer. 

Herb scissors tend to have pointier ends than typical kitchen shears. This makes it easy to cut your hand while digging through a crowded silverware bin to find the tool you need. A blade cover takes away this risk. Just make sure your scissors are always completely dry before putting them into the cover so they don’t rust.

Are Herb Scissors Worth It?

The answer to this question, as you can imagine, depends on how often you find yourself chopping herbs.

If you do this task as frequently as I do, investing in some quality multi-blade herb scissors could potentially save you hours each month.

After years of struggling through pair after pair of cheap herb scissors, I’ve finally found my favorite. VIBIRIT herb scissors are durable, comfortable, and effectively chop through even thick bunches of herbs to take the burden out of dinner prep.

Sara Seitz