11 Best Olive Oil Sprayers for Healthy Cooking

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When it comes to living mindfully, few products offer the benefits of saving you money, being better for you, being better for the planet, and being easy to use.

Olive oil sprayers are one of the few exceptions to that rule.

These nifty little devices will help you save time and money in the kitchen, while also saving on calories and waste. But not all oil sprayers will bring you every one of these benefits.

To make sure you aren’t wasting your money, we’ve provided some helpful tips below to cover some things you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for an olive oil sprayer.

But first, let’s get right to the good stuff: our favorite olive oil sprayers to make the task of finding the right one for you just a little easier.

The 10 Best Olive Oil Sprayers

1. Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer

This pressurized oil sprayer from Misto has a simple design and look. Because of the solid aluminum housing, it is perfect for chefs who have to keep their oils out in the open. The matching aluminum cap contains the pumping mechanism for easy storage.

When fully pressurized, this sprayer releases a fine mist perfect for topping salads and coating pans. For best results, make sure to only fill halfway (with about 2.5oz of oil) and clean the straw and nozzle each time the bottle is emptied.

2. PuzMug Oil Sprayer (2-Pack)

These easy-to-use 3.4oz glass bottle trigger sprayers by PuzMug produce a fine mist with just the simple press of a button. The sleek, 304 stainless steel top and intelligently designed straw and pump head look beautiful and function flawlessly use after use.

The comfortable trigger button encompasses the entire top of the bottle and is grooved for no-slip operation. With the wide mist spray, you can easily coat a large frying pan in seconds without stressing your hand or wasting time pumping. And as a bonus, you get two bottles for nearly the same price others are selling a single bottle. Use it for other liquid seasonings like vinegar, soy sauce, lemon/lime juice, sherry or wine.

3. Evo 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Oil Sprayer

The stainless steel body and large capacity of the 16oz Evo oil sprayer make it perfect for common use oils like olive and avocado that are negatively affected by light.

It has a pull trigger spray nozzle that produces a fan-shaped spray that isn’t as fine as other products but is perfect for coating large surface areas. And, because the bottle is heat resistant, it is a perfect companion for the barbecue master.

4. Evo 8-Ounce Sprayer Bottles

If you like the design and consistent spray mechanism of the Evo stainless steel sprayer, here’s another option from Evo that offers unique features compared to most of the other options.

First, the bottles are made from recyclable plastic that’s BPA, latex, and DEHP-free. If you have hardwood or tile floors and are concerned about glass shattering, that’s a major safety advantage. Second, the bottles are translucent, so you can see how much liquid is left. And third, you get two attractive bottles in green and yellow, making this the perfect option for anyone looking to apply just the right amount of oil & vinegar to salads.

5. ROFAKU Olive Oil Sprayer Mister

The sleek design and compact nature of this ROFAKU trigger oil sprayer make it a great choice for families on the move.

The outer canister and cap are made of beautiful stainless steel and packs up easily for use during camping trips, picnics, and days at the beach. The press-button spray action produces an ultra-fine mist for quick, low-oil coatings, perfect for greasing barbeques or spritzing salads.

6. AILELAN Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle

This 3.4oz single action pump sprayer by AILELAN is chic, simple, and perfect for anyone hoping to avoid the undersized push buttons utilized by other companies.

The tall, glass housing is marked with easy measurements so you can keep track of how much oil you use. The modern stainless steel cap hides the spray nozzle and houses a large, ribbed push button that is especially easy to use for those that suffer from arthritis and other painful hand conditions. No pumping necessary, just press to release a single spritz of oil.

7. LHS Olive Oil Sprayer Mister Dispenser

The modern design of this LHS 6.75oz stainless steel push sprayer goes well with any kitchen decor. Unlike other sprayers on the list, this product uses a push-button trigger sprayer that produces directed small squirts of oil with each pump, making it a great choice for applying small amounts of olive oil to pans and baking dishes.

Best of all, the stainless steel bottle (lined with BPA-free PE) has small windows so you can easily distinguish the contents while still protecting your oil from light.

8. DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Sprayer Mister

This complete olive oil bottle set from DWËLLZA KITCHEN consists of a large, 17oz capacity dispenser bottle and a petite 6oz pressure mister.

The dispenser, which includes a press action release for precise measurement, is perfect for dressing salads, bread, and roasted veggies. The sprayer can be quickly pressurized using the lid pump for a consistent, fine mist for greasing baking dishes and pans. Each bottle is made of thick glass with elegant stainless steel collars.

9. Sunnyac Olive Oil Sprayer

If you are hunting for an olive oil sprayer that looks as good as it functions, you’ve found it with this Sunnyac 6.75oz single pump sprayer. The rounded glass bottle tucks nicely into a stylish stainless steel cap that disguises the spray nozzle. Just press the smooth, oversized push button on the top of the cap to release a generous mist onto prepared meals and salads.

This fashionable bottle does have a slimmer neck than most, but the kit comes with a small funnel for no-mess refilling.

10. Purelite Continuous Olive Oil Mister Sprayer

This attractive 4oz. sprayer from Purelite coats your food with a continuous spray. It features a large opening that makes it easy to fill without using a funnel, not to mention easier to clean.

The clear glass bottle is coated with a durable, scratch-resistant blue safety film that has two important uses. First, it provides a safety measure since the film prevents the glass bottle from shattering in case it’s dropped. Second, the film helps block UV light from spoiling the oil, yet offers enough translucence to see how much oil is left in the bottle.

11. Prepara Trigger Oil Sprayer

The Prepara trigger sprayer is a great option for chefs who want full control over their olive oil delivery. The simple spray-bottle type trigger allows you to deliver a thick, precise stream when pulled slowly, or a fine mist when pulled quickly.

The glass bottle has a small capacity compared to the overall size of the sprayer, but the oversized plastic top allows for a comfortable grip. Best of all, each spray releases about 1.4tsp of oil, making it easier than ever to control exactly how much oil you are using.

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Benefits of Oil Sprayers

Healthy & Eco-Friendly

When you hear “oil sprayer” what’s the first thing you think of? For many, what comes to mind is a metal aerosol can of vegetable oil. While these grocery store staples do tend to be cheap and easy to use, they aren’t the best choice for you or the planet. 

Traditional oil sprayers rely on a propellant like alcohol, nitrous oxide, or propane to force the oil out of the can in a continuous spray. They also contain emulsifiers and anti-foaming agents. For those of us into clean eating, that’s a hard pass.

Sprayers that are well-made and easy to clean can also be reused over and over, making them a far better choice for the planet.

Fewer Calories & Precise Portion Control

Because you can cover a large surface area with far less oil, these sprayers are perfect for anyone hoping to cut down on the amount of fat and calories in their diet. The spray comes out in a fine mist, which will allow you to cover more of your pan or food with far less oil.

Crispy Air Fryer Coatings

In the past few years, air fryers have become all the rage for healthier low-oil and no-oil cooking (here’s our favorite one, if you’re in the market). For those who like the flavor and texture a little bit of oil can bring to your food, oil sprayers allow you to evenly apply just the right amount to your air fryer recipes to achieve those perfect crispy coatings.

How to Choose It

With so many different types of olive oil sprayers on the market, it can be tough to find the right one. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when shopping around for reusable oil sprayers.


Glass is always an earth-friendly choice and great for oils since it doesn’t leach or absorb. On the downside, glass is less durable than plastic or metal and it allows light in, which will decrease the antioxidant load and can cause the oil to turn rancid more quickly. While many of these are beautifully designed to be put on display, it’s best for your oil to keep them locked away in a dark pantry.

Metal is durable, earth-friendly, and will keep the light out. But it is more expensive than glass and plastic, and can sometimes affect the taste of the oil. These sprayer types, like glass, are also heavier, so looking for a smaller capacity bottle might be a good idea.

Plastic is never the best choice in terms of the planet, but it is cheap and durable. On the downside, it is especially prone to leaching chemicals into oil, even if it’s BPA free. Like glass, clear plastic bottles should be stored in a cupboard or pantry to keep your oil fresher longer.

Function & Performance

Pressure sprayers work like traditional aerosol cans. But, because they contain no propellant, you will need to pressurize the bottle using a hand pump. The quality of the specific product will determine how often you will need to pressurize the sprayer between uses.

Pull trigger sprayers function like a squirt bottle. Each time you pull back or push down on the trigger you release a single spray of oil. While you don’t get the benefit of a continual stream with these sprayers, they are better if you are hoping to measure how much oil you are applying.

Easy Cleaning

The downside of reusable sprayers is you do have to clean them on occasion. If you don’t, even the best products are likely to get gummed up and stop working correctly.

Look for sprayers that can be easily pulled apart and hand-cleaned or tossed in the dishwasher. Or better yet, choose a sprayer that is designed to be flushed out with soapy water. This will save you the hassle disassembling it and putting it back together each time you need to clean it.

How to Use It

Olive oil sprayers can be used for a variety of tasks like coating baking dishes, cupcake tins, and frying pans, getting a crispy texture in an air fryer, and topping finished meals like salads and pasta. You can even use your sprayer on the barbecue to grease the grill or add some flavor to meat and veggies.

Oil sprayers are easy to use and there are generally two spray mechanisms available:

Trigger Spray

With the trigger spray mechanism, depressing the trigger creates a suction that pushes out an even spray onto your food or cooking surface. The trigger can be on the top of the bottle, or on the front of the bottle, as with many traditional types of spray bottles. Using quick, firm sprays will typically generate a finer mist, whereas a slow spray will come out in a stream.

Continuous Spray

Continuous spray mechanisms usually require pumping to create pressure inside the sprayer. Depending on the size of the spray bottle, about 10-30 pumps will allow you to create a continuous, even spray without continually pulling a trigger. The function is more like an aerosol spray, but without chemical propellants.

How to Clean It

Even the best sprayers in the world will occasionally lose spray power and even clog. That’s why it is so important to clean your olive oil sprayer often.

To keep your sprayer working like new, we suggest you wipe off the spray nozzle after each use. Each time you empty the bottle, make sure to do a quick wash. For most sprayers, this means washing out the bottle and filling it with warm, soapy water. Replace the cap and spray nozzle and pump the soapy water through the sprayer until the spray comes out clean.

Next, rinse the soapy water from the bottle and fill it with cold water. Run this through the system as you did before. Once the mist comes out free of bubbles, dump the water out of the bottle and continue to pump the remaining water through the sprayer until only air comes out. At this point, your bottle is clean and ready to refill with the oil or liquid of your choice.

For some products, more in-depth cleaning, such as with a straw brush or a run through the dishwasher may be needed.

Taking care of your olive oil sprayer and cleaning it every month or so will help you enjoy the benefits of simple, healthy, green cooking for years to come.

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