Vegan ketchup in a white bowl on a wooden table

Is Ketchup Vegan? The Answer, Plus Our Easy Recipe

Few people wonder if ketchup is vegan. Even fewer realize that the answer is not as straightforward as you’d expect. In this article we’ll answer the question ‘is ketchup vegan’ and share some of our favorite vegan ketchup brands and recipes with you.

Man Shopping for Groceries

35 Foods that Are Surprisingly Not Vegan

Are you committed to eating an animal-friendly diet? You’ll want to know about these 35 foods that are surprisingly not vegan (because odds are, at least one is in your cupboard right now).

Is Popcorn Vegan?

Whether you’re watching a movie or hosting a party, you can’t go wrong with popcorn. But if you eat a vegan diet or have vegan guests, you might wonder if popcorn is OK to eat. Here’s what you need to know.