About Clean Green Simple

Clean Green Simple is a plant-based resource for people interested in eating mindfully, living sustainably, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. We offer plant-based recipes and nutrition tips, as well as reviews and buying guides for eco-friendly kitchen, home, and health products.

Wherever you are on your plant-based journey—from plant-curious to 100% vegan—here you’ll find a judgment-free zone that will help empower you to adopt a plant-centric lifestyle.

Meet the Team

John Schmidt

Partner in healthy living

Hi, I’m John, owner and creator of Clean Green Simple. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our website.

I grew up in New Orleans where cooking was a staple of life. As a child, I would watch and learn from an occasional chef my parents would hire to make 2 weeks worth of food. Through this experience, I created my very first cooking experiment. It was a Red Velvet cake from scratch. The kitchen was trashed! but the cake actually came out good. I don’t bake much anymore, preferring to focus on the primary meals which provide us with healthy key vitamins, minerals and proteins that sustain us physically and mentally. With this developing belief, I adapted into an amateur chef and food critic of 24 years and counting. I’m now the creator of Clean Green Simple and here to spread my passion to you.

As a lifelong runner and avid Tennis player, but guess I’ll be focusing on Pickle Ball as I get older, I was very competitive. I found something I was good at and focused on success, not the tangential effect of exercise. When you start to get injured, as I did, you adopt a mind shift. I started focusing more specifically on proper nutrition and the health effects of diet, coupled with consistent and varied exercise. I didn’t want to visit the doctor. I didn’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals to mask or solve any health problems. I don’t feel you should either. Outside of genetics, we are truly what we eat and what we don’t do physically that defines our lives.

Wherever you are on your plant-based journey—from plant-curious to 100% vegan—here you’ll find a judgment-free zone that will help empower you to adopt a plant-centric lifestyle. My talented and dedicated team of expert nutritionists, Registered Dieticians and home based chefs produce only unique and custom recipes befitting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and designed to be clean, green and simple.

I’d love hearing about your own personal journey to health and wellness! I can be reached at:


Aimee Pass

Aimee Pass

Administrative Assistant

Aimee Pass is a freelance marketing professional with a passion for plant-based eating and sustainability. When she’s not at work, she can be found in her garden or on day-trip hikes with her dog, Dylan. You can find her online at AimeeDiane.com.

Kirsten Nunez

Kirsten Nunez, MS

Content Creator

Kirsten Nunez is a health and lifestyle journalist who focuses on food, nutrition, and DIY. She has an MS in Nutrition and loves helping others find new ways to have fun with healthy cooking. Since 2014, she has contributed to over 15 digital publications, including Brit + Co, VegNews, and eHow. Kirsten lives in Beacon, New York. Read more.

Sara Seitz

Sara Seitz

Content Creator

I’m a freelance writer with a passion for healthy eating and green living. I’ve lived for over a decade with type 1 diabetes and have used a plant-based diet to take control of my health. Recently, I’ve added a new addition to the family, giving myself even more of a reason to fight for a clean and sustainable future.

When I’m not chasing a toddler or gardening, I’m usually enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Read more.

Eliza Schmidt

Social Media Manager/Content Creator

Eliza has a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and is passionate about helping people improve their mental and physical health through a comprehensive approach to intuitive plant-based eating, mindfulness practices, and fitness. She enjoys traveling, photography, and trying new recipes in her free-time.

Cat Harvey | Author at Clean Green Simple

Cat Harvey

Content Creator

Cat Harvey is a recipe creator, food photographer and writer with keen interest in wellness, movement, and environment. Since the start of her freelance career in 2017, Cat has been helping people transition to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Living on a homestead in rural Lithuania, Cat spends her time growing food and taking care of rescue animals, including goats, rabbits, and farm birds. Read more.

Perri O. Blumberg

Perri O. Blumberg

Content Creator

Perri is a New York City born-and-based writer. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Columbia University and is also a culinary school graduate of the plant-based culinary school, the Natural Gourmet Institute. Read more.

SaVanna Shoemaker

SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD

Content Creator Expert

SaVanna is a registered dietitian and freelance writer from Little Rock, Arkansas. Her professional interests include whole food diets and holistic nutrition, and she’s written for many high profile media outlets and brands. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and weightlifting in her free time. Read more.

Ansley Hill

Ansley Hill, RDN, LD

Content Creator

Ansley is a Registered Dietitian, writer, educator, and experienced clinical nutritionist based in the Pacific Northwest. She is passionate about using food to foster health and a sense of community, and she enjoys translating complex nutrition topics into useful information for the everyday eater. Read more.

Lauren Panoff

Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD

Content Creator, Expert

Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD is a registered dietitian nutritionist and writer with over a decade of experience in various areas of health and wellness. Read more.

Jessica Verma

Jessica Verma

Content Creator

Jessica Verma was the Founder of Clean Green Simple. Sadly, Jessica passed away in early 2016, but among the many gifts she left the world is a wonderful archive of clean, green, simple recipes for all of us to enjoy. Read more.