So what’s this all about, anyway?

You know the drill – every time you read about eating healthy you hear the same basic things: eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and keep the fat, sugar and processed food to a minimum. Nothing particularly novel there – but have you actually tried it?  It’s not as easy as it sounds!  Forget the issue of willpower, I’m just talking about figuring out what the heck to eat – processed food, sugar, white flour, and all sorts of yucky things manage to pop up everywhere.  Every other day you read that some vegetable is good for you or coffee is bad for you, and the next day it’s the opposite.

Welcome to Clean Green Simple!  The idea behind this blog is to chronicle my ongoing efforts to educate myself about diet, nutrition, and health in general. As a former junk food junkie I want to offer a completely judgment-free environment for anyone to learn some healthy new habits.  I post recipes as I try them and share any tips I come across for generally cleaning up your food or your life.

I also talk about ways I come up with to remove chemicals and toxins from my home and reduce my household’s carbon footprint by creating less waste and generally being as nice to the planet as we can be while still living a modern lifestyle.

Recipes will generally follow these rules:

-No white flour

-No refined sugar.  I do occasionally use agave nectar and other sweeteners, but even those are used sparingly.

-No dairy products (you can read my article about why I avoid them here)

-No meat or eggs

-Minimal amounts of gluten – not everything is gluten free but most things are easy to convert.

-Very little processed food.  This means I make almost everything from scratch, no cans of soup or weird powdered mixes here!

Please don’t let all my “rules” scare you, though – the recipes are really tasty!  The whole point of this endeavor is to show people that eating super clean can actually be both easy and delicious, and fit into anyone’s schedule. Most importantly, I am trying to find ways to make all of this very easy and intuitive so that anyone can incorporate a few more veggies or a few less chemicals into their life without feeling like it’s all just too much hassle. I don’t think everyone needs to go to quite the lengths I do (although it has made me healthier and happier!) but most people can benefit from even a few small changes and healthy meals.

Please check out my books page to learn more about health & nutrition, as well as my recipes and tips pages to get fired up about cooking and eating food that makes you feel great!