Creamy Vegan Asparagus Pasta

This vegan asparagus pasta recipe combines a delightfully creamy sauce with protein-packed vegetables. It takes less than 30 minutes to make, uses ingredients you likely already have on hand, and makes a wonderful choice for a healthy weeknight dinner.

Sara Seitz

By Sara Seitz

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Top view vertical of Vegan Asparagus Pasta.

Looking for an easy, healthy dinner? This deliciously creamy vegan asparagus pasta delivers.

Tender asparagus stalks combine with green peas and vegan butter to create a delightfully smooth, protein-packed sauce that pairs wonderfully with a variety of pasta types. Add sautéed asparagus tips, vegan parmesan, and a little lemon peel, and you’ve got a nutritious dinner that’s surprisingly filling.

Why I Love This

I love this vegan asparagus pasta because it comes together quickly—in under 30 minutes—but tastes absolutely decadent thanks to the creamy sauce. Plus, it uses both the stems and stalks of the asparagus for a no-waste, budget-friendly meal option.

It requires just a handful of ingredients, including dry pasta, frozen peas, and vegan butter. Most of us already have these items on hand, which means the only thing you’ll need to buy is the asparagus. 

This is my go-to healthy weeknight dinner. Not only does my picky husband love it, but my even pickier six-year-old devours it.

The key to that devourability is the addition of lemon and vegan parmesan. These toppings add an undeniable combination of fresh, floral, umami flavors that truly elevate this pasta dinner.

Ingredients for Vegan Asparagus Pasta.


I’ve found the key to this recipe is choosing asparagus with large, plump stalks that can add more starch and less fiber to the creamy sauce.

  • Asparagus. This is the star of the show and the actor responsible for most of the flavor, so look for fresh, crisp, organic asparagus when possible. 
  • Vegan parmesan. We highly recommend using our homemade vegan parmesan recipe, but if you’re strapped for time, any quality store-bought vegan parm will do.
  • Green Peas. Make it easy on yourself by opting for frozen peas. They’ll go straight into a pot of boiling water, so no need to defrost them first.
  • Pasta. This thick and creamy sauce pairs best with a hollow pasta like penne or cavatappi, but can work with anything you have on hand. Use gluten-free pasta if desired.

How to Make

This easy vegan asparagus pasta comes together in a flash, especially if you have two large pots so you can cook the pasta and sauce ingredients at the same time.


Step 1: Cut the asparagus. Remove and discard the woody ends, then cut the tops off the stalks, separating and saving both.


Step 1: Add the peas and asparagus stalks to a pot of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes. You’ll know it’s done when the stalks are fork-tender. 

Step 2: Strain the peas and asparagus stalks and add them to a food processor. Process until smooth.

Pea and asparagus mixture in a cup with an immersion blender.

Step 3: Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add your pasta of choice. Follow the cooking directions on the package.

Step 4: Bring a large pan with vegan butter to medium heat. Saute the asparagus tips for about 3 minutes. They’re done when they begin to brown and are fork-tender. 

Step 5: Strain the noodles and place them back in the pot. Add the sauce and cooked asparagus tips. Stir to combine.

Vegan Asparagus Pasta in a skillet.

Step 6: Plate the pasta. Garnish with lemon peel and a generous helping of vegan parmesan.

Vegan Asparagus Pasta on a white plate.

Expert Tip

The key to creating a wonderfully creamy sauce rather than one full of unappetizing asparagus fibers is all in how you prep the asparagus.

Rather than cutting the thick stalk ends off with a knife, I recommend snapping them off by hand. 

Start by carefully holding the middle of the stalk in one hand and the end in the other. Slowly bend the asparagus until it snaps. Discard the end that came off.

The asparagus will naturally break where the fibers of the stalk are thinnest, ensuring fewer of those fibers make it into the sauce.

As I mentioned above, choosing thick, plump asparagus will also help make a creamier sauce. If you do end up with noticeable fibers in your finished product, try pushing it through a sieve to remove these before mixing the sauce with the pasta. 

What to Serve It With

Creamy vegan asparagus pasta pairs well with fresh salads, bread, and roasted vegetables. Here are a few side dish recommendations to inspire you.

Fresh Salads

This comforting pasta tastes best alongside a bright and fresh salad, such as our Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad, Fresh Spring Salad, or Berry Salad with Microgreens.


Like all great pasta dishes, this one is best enjoyed with crusty bread that can be used to sop up any extra sauce. I prefer to serve it with vegan garlic bread, but this homemade vegan bread works very well, too.

Roasted Vegetables

If you have the time, I highly recommend pairing this hearty pasta with a savory roasted veggie side, such as Oven Roasted Broccoli, Cheesy Vegan Roasted Cauliflower, or Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Vegan Asparagus Pasta on a plate with a hand holding a fork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I peel the asparagus before cooking? 

No, you don’t need to peel the asparagus for this recipe. Removing the fibrous end of the stalk should be enough. That said, if you have a bunch of particularly fibrous, skinny-stalked asparagus, peeling it won’t hurt.

Is the lemon necessary?

No, the lemon is optional in this recipe. However, I personally always include thin slices of lemon peel or zest as a garnish. It adds a great deal of floral sourness that pairs well with the umami flavor of the parmesan.

What if I don’t have vegan butter?

Vegan butter can be substituted with traditional butter or olive oil. If using oil in place of butter, cut the amount from ¼ cup to 3 tablespoons.

Storing and Reheating

Vegan asparagus pasta is best when eaten warm straight off the stove. But leftovers can also be stored for an easy lunch option or another dinner.


Yes, this pasta can be stored in the fridge for up to five days. Be sure to put it in an airtight container. Storing servings separately gives you the option for an easy grab-and-go lunch.


Yes, for long-term storage, you can store these pasta leftovers in the freezer. Again, I recommend separating the leftovers into single servings and placing them in freezer-safe, airtight containers or bags. They will stay good for up to six months.


To reheat your leftover vegan asparagus pasta, place it in a medium pot with a couple of tablespoons of vegan butter or water. Reheat on medium-low with the lid on, stirring occasionally, until the pasta is heated through.

Alternatively, you can use the microwave. Again, add a little extra butter or water and cook for one minute at a time until heated through, stirring well in between.  

For frozen pasta, place it in the fridge overnight to thaw and reheat as recommended above.

Serving Size

This recipe makes about 3 servings. If you pair it with a couple of sides, you can easily feed up to four people.

I love using this budget-friendly pasta dish for easy meal prep by tripling the recipe. This typically gives me enough for dinner for the family and about a week’s worth of lunches for me.

Vegan Asparagus Pasta on a white plate.

Vegan Asparagus Pasta

This vegan asparagus pasta recipe combines a delightfully creamy sauce with protein-packed vegetables. It takes less than 30 minutes to make, uses ingredients you likely already have on hand, and makes a wonderful choice for a healthy weeknight dinner.
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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Diet: Gluten Free, Low Salt, Vegan, Vegetarian
Keyword: asparagus, vegan pasta
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 13 minutes
Total Time: 23 minutes
Servings: 3 people
Calories: 226kcal
Author: Sara Seitz


  • 12 ounces pasta of choice
  • 1 bunch asparagus about 10 ounces
  • 1 ¼ cups green peas
  • ¼ cup vegan butter
  • 1 lemon optional
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • vegan Parmesan to taste


  • Prepare the asparagus by removing the woody ends and discarding them. Cut off the tips and set aside.
  • Add the prepared asparagus stems and peas to a large pot of boiling water. Boil for about 10 minutes or until the asparagus mashes under a fork with little effort.
  • Strain out the water and add the boiled peas and asparagus stalks to a food processor or blender. Blend until you achieve a smooth creamy consistency. Optional: Pour blended sauce over a sieve to remove asparagus fibers. Set the sauce aside.
  • Boil water and cook the pasta according to package directions.
  • Saute the asparagus tips in vegan butter over medium heat until they begin to golden and soften, about 3 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste and set aside.
  • Once the pasta is done cooking, strain the water and return to the pot. Stir in the sauce and asparagus tips until well combined.
  • Serve with a generous topping of vegan Parmesan cheese and a garnish of lemon peel.

Recommended Tools & Products

1 Large pot
1 Strainer
1 Sieve
1 Food processor/blender
1 Saute pan


Calories: 226kcal | Carbohydrates: 24g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 4g | Monounsaturated Fat: 5g | Trans Fat: 1g | Sodium: 666mg | Potassium: 842mg | Fiber: 9g | Sugar: 11g | Vitamin A: 2814IU | Vitamin C: 60mg | Calcium: 76mg | Iron: 5mg
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