Chickpea Salad Sandwich

This healthy and easy chickpea salad sandwich takes just 10 minutes to make. It’s delicious, simple, and packed with plant-based protein. Enjoy it for lunch or dinner with your favorite bread!


chickpeas celery carrot mustard salt

fresh parsley vegan mayonnaise garlic powder onion powder black pepper

©Kirsten Nunez

Step 1:

Place the drained chickpeas in a bowl. Using a potato masher or large fork, mash the chickpeas to your desired consistency.

©Kirsten Nunez


In a smaller bowl, combine the mayonnaise, mustard, and spices. To brighten it up, you can add a splash of lemon juice, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or pickle juice.

Step 2:

©Kirsten Nunez

Add the dressing to the chickpeas, along with minced celery, minced carrots, and parsley. Stir well. If you prefer a saucier salad, add more mayo or mustard as necessary.

Step 3:

©Kirsten Nunez

To create a sandwich, layer the chickpea salad on bread with leafy greens. You can eat the salad right away or the dressing’s flavors will develop and strengthen after it spends some time in the fridge.

Step 4:

©Kirsten Nunez

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