11 Best Olive Oil Sprayers for Healthy Cooking

Olive oil sprayers save you money, are better for your health, are better for the planet, and are easy to use. These are our top picks for best olive oil sprayers.

This pressurized oil sprayer from Misto has a simple design and look. Because of the solid aluminum housing, it’s perfect for chefs who have to keep their oils out in the open.

1. Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer

Juan Gomez / Unsplash

These Evo olive oil sprayers offer some unique features. They are made from recyclable plastic that’s BPA, latex, and DEHP-free. Plus, they're translucent, so you can see how much liquid is left.

2. Evo 8-Ounce Sprayer Bottles

Edgar Castrejon / Unsplash

The stainless steel body and large capacity of the 16oz Evo oil sprayer make it perfect for common use oils like olive and avocado that are negatively affected by light.

3. Evo 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Oil Sprayer

Leigh Skomal / Unsplash

These easy-to-use 3.4oz glass bottle trigger sprayers by PuzMug produce a fine mist with just the simple press of a button. The sleek, stainless steel top and  pump function flawlessly.

4. PuzMug Oil Sprayer

Blackieshoot / Unsplash

For an olive oil sprayer that looks as great as it functions, reach for the Olivia by Flairosol. This glass 4.4 oz sprayer features gold leaf embellishments and an easy-to-use press-action lever.

5. Flairosol Olivia Advanced Oil Sprayer

Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash

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