Different Types of Squash

35 Different Types of Squash (with Pictures)

You’re probably familiar with the most popular types of squash, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this group of edible cucurbits. Here are 35 of our favorite types of squash for the kitchen and garden.

Mashed potatoes in a cast iron crock on a wooden table

How to Reheat Mashed Potatoes without Drying Them Out

Reheating mashed potatoes without turning them to glue or drying them out is difficult, but not impossible. Here are 4 proven methods for reheating them so they taste just as good as they did the first time around.

Cooked farro in a glass bowl with a wooden spoon

How to Cook Farro Perfectly, 3 Ways

Learn how to cook farro using a rice maker, an instant pot, or on the stove. Follow our detailed step-by-step instructions for our favorite stovetop “pasta method,” along with tips for storing and serving farro.

3 ears of corn wrapped in foil

How to Reheat Corn on the Cob

Got some leftover cobs after last night’s barbeque? These four methods for reheating corn on the cob are so easy, you’ll never throw away your leftover corn again.

Crispy Hash Browns

The Secret to Making Crispy Hash Browns

If you’re craving a diner-inspired breakfast, try this crispy hash browns recipe. With a simple kitchen hack, you’ll be able to make the best crispy golden hash browns you’ve ever tasted.

Woman Shopping in Grocery Store Aisle

Where Can You Find Nutritional Yeast In the Grocery Store?

Have you recently discovered the joys of nutritional yeast but aren’t sure where to buy it? We’ve got you covered with information on where you can find nutritional yeast in the grocery store and which major chains carry this vegan favorite.

Woman holding large zucchini like it's a telephone

What to Do with Giant Zucchini

We’ve all been surprised by that oversized zucchini hiding in the garden. Before you toss yours into the compost heap, let us tell you about all the ways you can use giant zucchini in the kitchen.

Vegetarian pasta and basil leaves on a white plate with dark background

The Best Ways to Reheat Leftover Pasta

Reheating pasta can be tricky, especially when sauce is involved. Here’s everything you need to know about how to reheat pasta so it tastes as good as the first time.