Fun Kitchen Toys: Drizzle and Spray

Two tools to help you cook with oils

You’ve probably seen these around, but if you are trying to eat healthy and don’t have one you should seriously consider getting the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. It’s a great way to replace those cans of nonstick spray – it’s cheaper and it means no questionable propellants getting sprayed all over your food. You just fill it with your favorite oil and then pump the top a few times to spray a fine mist.

To round out your oil needs, a drizzler (the glass bottle behind the misto in the photo above) is a great thing to keep next to the stove to help you add oils and other liquids to your cooking in nice controlled amounts. They are pretty cheap (I got mine at Cost Plus World Market and I think I got two for like 7 bucks) and they are the perfect tool for when you need more than a spray of oil but less than a big glug from the bottle.

Note:  Nobody has paid me in any way to endorse these products, I just genuinely like them and want to share my enthusiasm with you.  If you click the link and buy them from Amazon I’ll make like 37 cents through their affiliate program, so that would be sweet, but that’s the only compensation happening around here.

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