5 Best Measuring Spoons for Home Cooking and Baking

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Measuring spoons are a vital part of the cooking and baking process. Without them, we would all need our grandmother’s instinct in the kitchen in order to produce anything remotely edible.

Despite this, many home chefs tend to give little thought to purchasing their measuring spoons, often grabbing the first set they see in the supermarket. If you’re reading this article, it’s because you know better than to fall into that trap.

A good set of measuring spoons won’t cost you much more than a flimsy, inaccurate set, but they can offer a huge range of benefits that you won’t understand until you’ve used good measuring spoons.

To help navigate you away from the old supermarket standbys, we’ve tested and reviewed the best measuring spoons out there to help you find the right ones to aid in your cooking adventures. We’ll also walk you through the most important features of quality measuring spoons to help you see why this kitchen tool deserves a little extra thought before purchase.

Measuring Spoon Reviews

There are literally hundreds of measuring spoon sets available, but only a select few offer more features than the run-of-the-mill grocery store variety. Here are five of the absolute best.

1. Top Pick: Spring Chef Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal Measuring Spoons

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There are three things a measuring spoon set needs in order to qualify as the best of the best. The spoons need to be durable so they don’t bend or snap. They need to be accurate in their measurements for precise cooking. And they need to lend themselves to easy use in various cooking and baking situations.

This measuring spoon set from Spring Chef meets these requirements and more.

They’re highly durable thanks to thick, premium stainless steel that won’t rust and resists bending even when balling up dense cookie dough. All you need to do is hold one of these spoons to see what sets them apart. They are far thicker and heavier than any spoon you’ll find on the supermarket shelf.

Of all the spoons subjected to independent accuracy tests, these came in on top more than any other. When used with the included leveler, they give highly precise measurements so you can be sure your recipe will turn out exactly how it’s supposed to.

But the number one reason we rank these as best of the best? They’re perfectly shaped to squeeze into the tight spaces allowed by most spice jar lids. Even the tablespoon is slim enough to fit into the bottle opening of most containers.

The spoons are stamped with both US and metric measurements that won’t rub off. And the entire set is held together with an easy-open ring to help keep your spoons organized. You’ll get all of this for not much more than you’d pay for a cheap plastic set.

2. Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set

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Do you hate fumbling with measuring spoon sets with difficult-to-open connectors or impossible-to-use keyrings? Then this Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set from Spring Chef is the one you want.

Instead of connecting together via a spring-ring or split-ring, these spoons use magnets to help you stay organized.

In the center of each spoon is a raised magnetic surface that sticks to the back of the other spoons. The spoons are sized perfectly so the smallest will fit on top of the next largest and so on. This allows the spoons to be stored in a neat stack that won’t come apart in your silverware drawer.

In addition to this ingenious magnetic design, these spoons also feature two heads. The rounded head is perfect for measuring oils and liquids, while the elongated head fits into most spice container openings for easy measurements. The oblong spoons aren’t quite as accurate as the rounded end, but both work well enough for home cooking.

These spoons aren’t as thick as our other Spring Chef choice, but they are durable enough to last for some time. Our biggest complaint is that the measurements are printed on the spoons rather than stamped. But even if they fade over time, this set is priced well enough that you could easily replace it without breaking the bank.

3. Measuring Cups and Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set

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Love the idea of magnetic measuring spoons but need another option? This full-size measuring set from Wildone has you covered.

In addition to beautifully crafted and brilliantly colorful magnetic spoons, this set also includes a full set of dent and rust-resistant stainless steel measuring cups. These cups are highly accurate and durable enough to stick around for the long haul.

The spoons themselves are very similar to the Spring Chef magnetic measurers, with some slight differences. Both feature the double head with a round and oblong spoon and center magnet, but the magnet on these isn’t quite as thick or strong. It also lacks the elegant curves that make the other more visually appealing.

But overall, this set of cups and spoons would make a great addition to any kitchen looking to bolster its cooking and baking equipment. 

4. 1Easylife 18/8 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

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If simple and affordable is what you’re after, look no further than this elegant set of measuring spoons from 1Easylife.

These rounded spoons have a similar build to your traditional, cheap sets, but with a much more stylish feel and added durability. They are made from thick, brushed stainless steel that looks great and won’t bend as easily as bargain brand varieties.

The rounded heads give a fairly accurate measurement and are easy to use with both liquid and dry ingredients. At the opposite end is a wide handle with an oversized hole for the easy-open D-ring, allowing you to keep your spoons organized when not in use.

Each spoon is stamped with easy-read measurements in both US and metric. While these lack some of the fun extra features of the other sets on this list, you just can’t beat the price.

5. Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set Silver

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Nothing is more frustrating than trying to pour spices into a measuring spoon. Having a set that is slim enough to fit through the narrow openings in the top of the spice container can make a huge difference when you are hurrying to get dinner ready. That’s why we love these simple spoons from Cuisipro.

These spoons feature a single, elongated head that’s shallow enough to fit into most spice jars, but still deep enough to accommodate easy liquid measurements. 

This stainless steel set is not as thick as others on this list but holds up well to most kitchen tasks. Just don’t expect to scoop dense dough using these spoons.

While this set is low on frills, it does meet all our requirements for a quality measuring spoon set. They are made of durable, easy-care material, provide accurate measurements, and work well for measuring a wide array of ingredients. Plus, they have stamped measurement markers that won’t fade with time. 

What to Look for in a Measuring Spoon Set

We talked a little in the reviews above about what places a quality measuring spoon set apart from those flimsy sets we’ve all been subjected to before. But there is more to these unsung kitchen heroes than you might think.

Here are all the things you should consider before committing to any measuring spoon set.


All of our choices for the best measuring spoons featured products made of stainless steel. That’s because stainless is the gold standard for creating durable, lasting spoons. But not all stainless products are created equal.

Thin stainless steel spoons are flimsy and prone to bending. Look for products that are multi-ply or thick enough to stand up to the strain of digging through dense batters and dough.

The second most common measuring spoon material is plastic. While thick plastic can be fairly durable, it tends to weaken over time and is prone to snapping. We didn’t include any plastic spoons on our list above because stainless steel is a much more environmentally-friendly choice.


The weight of a measuring spoon is another way to predict its durability. Those made of thicker stainless steel will feel more substantial in your hand.

Weight is also important in how it relates to balance. The handle should have a similar weight as the spoon itself. This creates a smoother feel while working with the tool. Many cheaper products are noticeably head heavy, while the weight is shifted toward the center for spoons of a higher quality.


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never doubted the accuracy of your measuring spoons. But, as it turns out, there is a surprising disparity between the actual measurement amounts between products.

Our top choice product, Spring Chef Heavy Duty Stainless Steel spoons, proved to be the most accurate in independent studies. But even that set wasn’t completely perfect. Lower end sets were even more prone to over or under measuring. 

While these small discrepancies are unlikely to affect home prepared meals, it is still good to be aware that these inaccuracies exist. This is why cough syrup and other medicine bottles tend to warn against using home measuring spoons for dosing.

The Shape of the Spoon Head

As we saw in the above reviews, the shape of a measuring spoon’s head can have wide-ranging implications for what it can be used for.

Deep rounded spoons are easiest to use with liquids and oils. The high walls and lower surface area make it harder to spill these types of ingredients. But shallow, elongated spoons are better for dry spices because they more easily fit into spice bottles.

Double-headed spoons give you the best of both worlds but aren’t as comfortable to use because they lack a true handle. They also can’t be secured together via a ring which is why many feature a magnetic center.


The measurement markings on spoons can be printed on or stamped into the metal.

Printed-on measurements, which are most common on plastic spoons and those with magnetic centers, will wear away over time. Stamped marking, on the other hand, won’t fade. Depending on the depth of the stamp, the size of the lettering, and the finish of the metal, however, they can be difficult to read.

If you have trouble seeing small print, opt for deep, stamped measurements on a brushed finish.

How They Connect

Some measuring spoon sets are connected via a solid ring. These are nice because they assure you’ll never lose a spoon, but they also can be aggravating to use. There is nothing worse than trying to measure something accurately while the other flopping, dirty spoons on the ring make a mess of your hands.

Higher quality sets typically utilize a ring that can be opened so individual spoons can be pulled off and used separately. These are a good compromise, assuming the ring hinge is built well enough to last.

Another option is a magnetic connection. Magnetic spoons stack and stay together thanks to a small magnetic fixture in the center or on the end of the spoons. These sets, such as the Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoons, are nice because there aren’t any extra parts to keep track of or break.

What’s the Best Measuring Spoon Set?

Measuring spoons come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to the best measuring spoons for home cooking and baking, there is one clear winner.

The Spring Chef Heavy Duty Stainless Steel measuring spoon set is made with thick, quality stainless steel that won’t bend or break. The spoons are uniquely shaped to fit through the tight gaps in spice bottle lids while still working well to measure liquids and oils. They were also the most accurate measuring spoons we could find.

If you hate battling hinge rings but still want your spoons to stay organized, the Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set from Spring Chef is a great option. These well-crafted spoons stack and stay together and have the extra benefit of a double head to better adapt to ingredients of different kinds.

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