Green Cleaning Tip: Remove Pet Hair with Microfiber Cloths

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Clean pet hair off of furniture with microfiber cloths instead of disposable sticky sheets

I recently went on a trip for about a week and apparently my cats took the opportunity to hang out in my favorite chair the entire time. When I came back this was the sight that greeted me:

(Feel free to run screaming and/or refuse to ever come over to my house. I will completely understand.)

If you have pets you know that most upholstery vacuums are mediocre at best when it comes to cleaning up their hair. I have this one, and it’s honestly really great for day-to-day maintenance, but even it would probably cry like a little girl at the sight of this chair.

But luckily, I am obsessed with trying microfibers on everything, and took the opportunity to see if it happened to have some magical pet hair removal powers.

Yeah – it totally does.

You essentially just scrub the fabric with a dry microfiber cloth as if you were scrubbing out a stain – long back and forth sweeps seem to work pretty well. It appears to work by sort of rolling the hair into little strands which then can be easily removed – this picture is gross but hopefully it kind of conveys the idea:

I spent about five minutes scrubbing this chair with a single microfiber cloth and ended up with this:

Feel free to wear your black pants, baby! What can’t microfiber do? (One thing: disappoint.)

If you are left with some small little bits of hair after you’ve scrubbed your fabric, a quick swipe with any dustbuster or upholstery vacuum with probably do the trick. This technique also works on clothes, but not quite as well – I think it’s because the fabric isn’t pulled taut enough on clothes and it relies mainly on friction. I’m still keeping a microfiber in my glove box in case of emergencies, though!

Now I just need to find a clean, green, simple way to get them to stop clawing the front leg of this chair and I’ll really be set…

7 thoughts on “Green Cleaning Tip: Remove Pet Hair with Microfiber Cloths”

  1. re- the cats clawing your chair legs. I bought some coconut
    doormats and put one in each room the cats use. My house is totally cat-scratch free. Sorted!

  2. Great tip.

    To stop cats from scratching provide them with an alternative, such as a scratching tree. Use a spray bottle or loud noise etc. to discourage them from scratching what you don’t want and praise them for scratching the tree. I’ve had many cats over the years and very few cat scratches on furniture. They can be trained as long as you meet their needs, one of which is scratching.

  3. Thanks! Can’t wait to try this after work today. I have a black cat that likes to lounge on a blue/white club chair. The hand vac does not suck up the hair. Sometimes I use a “roller lint brush” (the kind with tape as the adhesive). It does only a so so job, and I never seem to be able to find it. I do, however, know exactly where my microfiber cloths are!

  4. Very nice! We have a plastic comb that we use to remove the dog hair on our furniture. It works well, but takes forever! I love using microfiber cloths at the gym instead of a towel. They work like a CHARM!

  5. Although not the greenest option, one of those yellow rubber kitchen gloves also removes pet hair like magic.

  6. Wow.. I knew microfiber clothes were good, but not THIS good! Thanks for the insight!

  7. What a great trick! I love microfiber cloths for dusting but have never tried using them to remove cat hair. My two love sleeping on our dining chairs, so I’ll definitely pull out a microfiber cloth the next time we have company.

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