Hope Foods Announces Partnership with Hope For The Day (HFTD)

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You may love Hope Foods for their tasty, organic, vegan dips and spreads. As of late, you’ll find us snacking on their new spinach artichoke cashew & almond dip and their avocado ranch cashew & almond dip. Between digging into the recent releases, we can always make room for our tried-and-true favorites like kale pesto hummus and buffalo bleu hummus.

Hope Foods
Hope Foods

Now, you’ll love Hope Foods for the meaningful work they’re doing on the mental health front, recently announcing their partnership with Hope For The Day (HFTD), a Chicago-based non-profit devoted to suicide awareness and mental health education.

During the month of May, which is Mental Health Month, Hope Foods will match up to $5,000 in donations to Hope For The Day, helping to fund the tools and training resources they need to do their important outreach in suicide prevention education. Hope Foods will also continue to support HFTD training throughout its local community in Boulder, Colorado. To get involved with HFTD, donate, get trained in being a “mental health first aid instructor,” or take a free mental health screening, visit Hope Foods’ website here. On social media, Hope Foods will also be sharing posts on social media to spread awareness about suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Beyond psychological counseling and practicing proper self-care, what you eat can play an important role in your mental health. As a growing body of research has shown, following a whole foods, plant-based diet may help regulate mood and even mitigate depression and anxiety.

“Too often diet usually isn’t even part of the conversation with doctors and other health advisors,” said best-selling author and physician Dr. Ian Smith, who’s working on the Hope Foods and Hope For The Day Campaign. “However, more research is being conducted and new studies are being released about the gut/brain axis that tell us diet can be incredibly impactful in nourishing one’s mental health. That’s why I’m so encouraged by Hope Foods’ partnership with Hope For The Day. The more awareness we can generate around this issue, the more lives we can help save.” 

So join us today in slinging back some delectable avocado ranch dip, making a donation to this worthy cause, and doing oneor maybe 20!small gestures to brighten someone else’s day.

Perri O. Blumberg