Is Purple Carrot All Vegan? Learn More About This Great Meal Service

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If you’re following a strict plant-based diet, then there’s no better option for a meal delivery service than Purple Carrot. All of Purple Carrot’s meals are 100% vegan, making this company a better choice for the planet and for your health.

But being completely vegan isn’t the only reason we consider Purple Carrot one of the best plant-based meal delivery service options.

They also offer a number of different meal plans, some great add-ons, and other key features that set them apart from the competition.

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Have more questions about how Purple Carrot works and what they offer? We have all your answers right here.

Does Purple Carrot Offer Gluten-Free Options?

Yes, Purple Carrot does offer a 100% gluten-free option, but it’s only available with their two-serving per meal plan. If you have a larger family and need four servings per meal, you won’t be able to request gluten-free only recipes, though many of the meals will still be gluten-free.

Purple Carrot also offers preferences for high-protein and easy prep meal options.

Their high-protein option includes only vegan meals with a minimum of 20g of protein, while their Quick and Easy option offers simple meals that take less than 30 minutes to create. Like the gluten-free preference, these options are only available on the two-serving plan.

Does Purple Carrot Use Organic Ingredients?

Yes and no. Many of the non-produce items like nuts, beans, and non-dairy milk are organic, but the number of organic produce items is more limited. The company does claim that all of their ingredients are non-GMO, however.

What Types of Meal Plans Does Purple Carrot Offer?

Purple Carrot offers two different plans. The first is a two-serving plan that includes three dinners per week for a total of six servings. The second is a four-serving plan for larger families. For this plan, you can choose to have two or three dinners delivered each week for a total of eight or twelve servings.

In addition to the included dinners, you have the option to add premade breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to your order each week.

While there is some flexibility to choose which vegan meals you get each week, Purple Carrot has a much more limited menu than many companies so these options are few. For larger meal plans, these options are even more limited. Additionally, you cannot choose your delivery day; this is set based on your proximity to their distribution center.

On the upside, it is simple to change your plan, skip weeks, and pause your service for an extended period, if needed.

Where Does Purple Carrot Ship From?

While Purple Carrot is based out of Needham, Massachusetts, they have distribution centers in New Jersey, Chicago, and Las Vegas. They do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii but do serve most everywhere in the contiguous United States. 

To find out if you can get delicious, all-vegan meals delivered to your door, chat with one of Purple Carrots’ representatives on their website today.

Sara Seitz