13 Best Stainless Steel Straws to Help You Ditch Plastic One Sip at a Time

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With the eco-friendly movement on the rise, more and more people are skipping plastic straws. These slender tubes, after all, are taking over our oceans and beaches. And with 500 million plastic straws being used each day, it’s no secret us humans have a long way to go.

But that’s where stainless steel straws come in. These food-grade metal straws, which can be cleaned with a brush and re-used, are an earth lover’s best friend. You can also find straws for all types of drinks, including bubble tea and cocktails.

So, to help fuel your plastic-free journey, we’ve rounded up 13 of the best stainless steel straws on the web. Cheers!

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1. Adoric Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Nothing beats a set of basic silver straws. This pack of eight, for example, includes two styles and two cleaning brushes. It’s the perfect gift for people who are slowly transitioning to a greener lifestyle.

2. MIUVA Multicolor Extra Long Stainless Steel Straws

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Craving some color? Snag this 10-pack of multicolored stainless steel straws. It even comes with cleaning brushes and a travel bag, so you can easily go green on the go.

3. ELITEA Assorted Stainless Steel Straws

If you’re all about variety, check out this pack of eight assorted metal straws. The set includes two each of straight straws, bent straws, wide smoothie straws, and cocktail straws, making it ideal for the eco-friendly beverage lover.

4. VEHHE Rainbow Stainless Steel Straws

Unleash your inner mermaid with a 4-pack of extra-long rainbow stainless steel straws. Not only do they boast a beautiful wash of color, but they’re great for tumblers too. “I bought these straws to replace a straw in a insulated tumbler,” said one reviewer. “The straw is the perfect height for the cup.”

5. MUTNITT Stainless Steel Straws with Silicone Tips

While metal straws are awesome, they’re notorious for getting extremely hot or cold. Plus, if you have particularly sensitive teeth, hitting your teeth on a stainless steel straw can be painful. But thanks to this generous 16-pack of straws with silicone tips, you can protect your pearly whites and sip away.

6. Lime Skies Stainless Steel Straws with Travel Case

Are you constantly traveling? Pick up a pair of stainless steel straws with its own travel case. The sleek tube container, which is also made of metal, will protect your straws while you’re on the road.

7. LIUMY Collapsible Drinking Straws

For a more compact version, LIUMY has your back. Their collapsible drinking straw features a clever telescopic design that makes it possible to adjust the size. According to the product description, it can be used for 12-ounce, 20-ounce, and 30-ounce drinks.

8. Tier1EcoGoods Stainless Steel Straws with Wooden Case

If you prefer natural elements like wood, you’ll love this straw set and wooden case from Tier1EcoGoods. The pack even includes four cleaning brushes, a cloth bag, and silicone tips, so you can be sure that you’ll have everything you need.

9. Teivio Extra Short Stainless Steel Straws for Cocktails

Hey, party hosts — this one is for you. At just 5 inches high, these extra-short stainless steel straws are the perfect match for your favorite cocktail. The set also includes an impressive 12 straws, making it ideal for gatherings and dinner parties.

10. Teivio Rainbow Extra Short Stainless Steel Straws for Cocktails

Like regular reusable straws, cocktail straws are available in a literal rainbow of colors. In this pack, you’ll get 12 eye-catching metallic straws and two cleaning brushes. (We bet these would look stunning in a festive cocktail!)

11. Hiware Rose Gold Metal Straws

Lovers of rose gold will adore these metal straws by Hiware. The pack includes bent and straight straws for both 30-ounce and 20-ounce drinks, totaling a whopping 12 pieces.

12. Elegant Life Reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Spoon Straws

Thanks to this pack of reusable drinking spoon straws, you can mix and sip a cocktail in the most environmentally-friendly way. “They are long enough for even a taller glass,” commented one reviewer, “and the spoon at the bottom helps me to fish out the cherries and olives in my mixed drinks.”

13. EasyBites Reusable Cocktail Straws with Silicone Tip

At just 5.5 inches, these stainless steel cocktail straws are suitable for smaller drink glasses. They also boast soft and durable silicone tips, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally biting or hitting the metal.

Do you own stainless steel straws? How do you like to use them? Share your thoughts in the comments, below.

Kirsten Nunez, MS