6 Best Tofu Press Designs to Fit Any Need

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Whether you are trying to cut down on your meat consumption or are simply a fan of Asian cuisine, odds are good that you will find yourself cooking with tofu at one point or another.

This protein-packed soy product has long been used to replace the texture of meat in a variety of dishes and makes the perfect low-fat addition to many vegetarian and vegan recipes.

But despite the popularity of this food across the world, it isn’t always the easiest ingredient to work with. If you’ve found that you’re struggling to replicate that crispy tofu from your favorite Chinese food dish or make a tofu stir fry that isn’t mushy, a tofu press may be your answer.

These simple little devices turn squishy, watery tofu squares into tasty morsels with the perfect texture for a wide array of uses. Some products can even be used to make your own homemade tofu.

If you are on a mission to find the best tofu press to meet your needs, look no further. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite presses of every type available. Keep reading to find out which is the best tofu press for you.

Our Choices for the Best Tofu Presses

Tofu presses come in two main types: plate press and box press.

Plate presses consist of two flat surfaces that are forced closer and closer together using screws or turn knobs. While these kinds of presses require more work on your part, they can result in firmer, dryer tofu, especially for the determined individual. They can also fit a variety of tofu block sizes and shapes.

Box presses utilize internal springs or locks to apply continued or stepped pressure. These are perfect for the busy chef who wants to be able to set their press and walk away. Depending on the quality, these can be just as effective as plate presses but are more limited to the size and shape of tofu blocks they can be used with.

Within each of these categories, you can find a variety of design features that further set products apart from one another. Exactly which type is best for you will depend on your budget and needs. We’ve compiled this list of the best of the best to make sure you can find exactly what you are looking for.

1. Bamboo Tofu Press by Kimono Kitchen

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  • Type: Plate press, double-screw turn
  • Best Feature: No plastic!
  • Price: $$

Our favorite thing about this plate press from Kimono Kitchen? It is made entirely of earth and body-friendly materials. The plates are 100% bamboo and designed to look as great as they perform. The screws and springs are stainless steel and food grade.

This press does lack the handy screen and water catch of other tofu presses, so be sure to lay a towel down or use this in the sink. But the simplicity of the design is worth it for its compact storage and simple cleaning.

2. Tofu Press by Tofuture

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  • Type: Box press, stepped pressure
  • Best Feature: Easy to clean
  • Price: $

This box-style press by Tofuture has a straightforward and fun design. The pressing mechanism contains three different pressure levels that easily accommodate different thicknesses of tofu and can be utilized to apply different degrees of pressure.

Best of all, this three-piece kit can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The top press restricts airflow, which means this press can also double as a storage container for your tofu in the fridge.

3. Simple Drip Tofu Press by Glue Theory

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  • Type: Plate press, double-screw turn
  • Best Feature: Removable catch tray
  • Price: $$

Unlike standard plate presses, this durable press from Glue Theory includes a detachable tray to catch excess water as it leaches from the tofu through the screen plate. Not only does this make for a less messy process, but it also helps to get the tofu drier faster.

The plates are made of BPA free plastic while the screws are food-grade stainless steel. We especially like the turn knobs on this plate, which are ergonomically designed to allow for maximum pressure without tearing up your fingers.

4. YARKOR Tofu Press

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  • Type: Box press, spring-loaded
  • Best Feature: Affordable
  • Price: $

This budget-friendly box press from YARKOR is perfect for the tofu newbie. It is easy to use, doesn’t require babysitting, and won’t make a mess. Simply load your tofu block into the top compartment, lock the lid and let the spring pressure do all the work.

While the excess water does run into the spring compartment for easy clean-up, this spring is more durable than most and won’t degrade despite the moisture. This plastic press is BPA free and dishwasher safe.  

5. Raw Rutes – Tofu Press (Ninja)

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  • Type: Box press, pressing weight 
  • Best Feature: As simple as it can get
  • Price: $$$$

If you are serious about your tofu, then there is only one press for you. This super-sleek, 100% stainless steel press is as elegant as it is simple. There are no screws to turn, handles to lock, or lids to snap. Instead, this product utilizes a five-pound weight to apply consistent pressure to the tofu to remove excess moisture and compact it.

This two-piece press is easy to clean, uses only the highest quality materials, and will never break. It may be more expensive than others on this list, but it is worth it for the chef looking for a reliable and beautiful piece of hardware.

6. That Tofu Thing Tofu Press

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  • Type: Plate press, single turn
  • Best Feature: Easy to use
  • Price: $

The one-handed design of this tofu press from That Tofu Thing really sets it apart from other plate presses out there. Instead of alternating between tightening each screw, this product relies on a single, easy-to-grip turn knob to apply even, steady pressure.

The thick band holds each plate in place while the filter tray catches excess moisture and holds it away from the tofu. In fifteen minutes, this simple press can transform your block from a mushy mess into a firm hunk of tofu ready for marinade.

Whichever press ends up best meeting your needs, we know one thing is for sure, you are going to be glad you got it. Because once you taste tofu that has been pressed, dried, and marinated, you are never going to settle for a mushy tofu dish again.

When you’re ready to take your new tofu press for a test drive, check out our Crispy Teriyaki Tofu Bowl recipe.