Trouble Falling Asleep? Try This Probiotic Sleep Shot from So Good So You

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Along with “social distancing,” “stressed” seems like a fitting selection for the Word of the Year. And with so many people stressed amid the coronavirus outbreak, countless individuals are struggling with hitting the hay each night.

That’s why we’ve been loving So Good So You’s organic, cold-pressed juice in the form of their Probiotic Sleep Shot. The plant-based shot has one billion CFUs of probiotics to support digestive and immune support and includes natural sleep-promoting ingredients like organic California poppy, butterfly pea flower, and lavender extract. In addition to helping with sleep, several ingredients featured in the mix like California poppy and butterfly pea flower are purported to help with relaxation and anxiety.

Along with the functional shot designed for a solid night of ZZZs, So Good So You’s organic, cold-pressed juice probiotic shots also include Immunity, Longevity, 2X Energy, Energy, Detox, Beauty, Digestion, and Endurance in the lineup, with each formulated to promote its specific title, whether that’s helping you crush your workout or improving your complexion. All feature one billion CFUs of probiotics and the collection is available at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Sprouts nationwide for $3.99 per shot.

Courtesy So Good So You

Now, it only we could put Serenity in a 1.7-ounce bottle.

Perri O. Blumberg