Sales of Plant-Based Meat Are Up 35% During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Things have never looked more delicious in the plant-based meat aisle. And non-vegans are noticing. As concerns about meat consumption continue to grow amidst the coronavirus crisis, more and more are turning to plant-based meats, not just for Meatless Monday inspiration, but for any day of the week.

As the New York Times recently reported in an in-depth piece titled “Plant-Based ‘Meats’ Catch On in the Pandemic,” plant-based companies are increasing production to meet growing consumer demand for their products. From April 12th to May 9th, the plant-based meat substitutes industry witnessed a 35% spike in sales compared to the four-week period ending on January 18th, as the conventional meat industry struggled with countless woes from workers contracting coronavirus to plants shutting down. (Despite these recent hardships—and the inevitable link between excess meat consumption and negative health outcomes—the desire for meat is still there with that same time period revealing a 28% spike in meat sales compared to the same time frames.)

Even though vegan meat substitutes have been gaining traction for several years, for some, the pandemic may have compelled these consumers to reconsider the diet and start incorporating more plant-based meats, along with other vegan staples like beans and rice, into their routines. As the Times‘ Amelia Nierenberg notes in her article, plant-based meat companies are at the ready to provide for their expanding customer base: “To meet the demand, Impossible Foods has been hiring more workers, increasing pay and adding more shifts. Beyond Meat reported record sales in the first quarter of this year,” writes Nierenberg.

(P.S. If you’re a fan of Beyond Meat, check out their “Beyond Elote Burger” we’ll be enjoying all summer long.)

Whether we’re enjoying carrot “bacon” as a garnish on our avocado toast for breakfast or a savory plant-based flatbread with Beyond Sausage for dinner, there’s no shortage of satisfying and delectable ways to fulfill your “meat” cravings, while sparing the animals.

With prices for meat alternatives coming down and consumer interest ramping up, it’s only a matter of time—we hope—that summer cookouts erupt in a chorus of little ones and adults alike chirping “Pass the Beyond Burger.”

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