Woman watering fall garden

What to Plant in a Fall Vegetable Garden

A late-season veggie garden is a great way to keep your harvest going well into the colder months. Not sure what to plant in your fall vegetable garden? We’ve got 22 great options that will keep you well supplied in homegrown produce straight into winter.

Woman holding large zucchini like it's a telephone

What to Do with Giant Zucchini

We’ve all been surprised by that oversized zucchini hiding in the garden. Before you toss yours into the compost heap, let us tell you about all the ways you can use giant zucchini in the kitchen.

Woman harvesting arugula leaves

How to Harvest Arugula So It Keeps Growing

Arugula is the gift that keeps on giving, but only if you know what you’re doing. Keep reading to find out how to harvest arugula so it keeps growing, plus more tips on working with this spicy green.

Zucchini plant growing in a pot outside

How to Grow Productive Zucchini in Pots

If you want to feel like a successful gardener (even without the garden) zucchini is the way to go. Let us show you how to grow zucchini in pots and share our nine tips for a bountiful harvest.

lettuce and herbs growing in pots on a windowsill

8 Tips for Growing Lettuce In Pots

Eating your greens doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Let us show you how to grow lettuce and greens in pots on your own patio using these 8 simple tricks.

Genovese basil on a cutting board

How to Harvest and Dry Homegrown Basil

Learn how to harvest this easy to grow herb and how to dry basil using air drying or a dehydrator so you can continue to enjoy your harvest throughout the year.