Thrive Market Debuts Line of Ready-to-Eat Plant-Based Bowls

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In recent months amid the coronavirus crisis ordering groceries online has become the new normal for so many. But there are only so many times you can order whole wheat bread and hummus and call it a day. And while cooking and meal kits are great and all, sometimes the idea of making a meal from scratch after a long day of going stir-crazy at home seems daunting. Sometimes, you want to treat yourself to a ready-to-eat meal that A) doesn’t taste like cardboard and B) still boasts a stellar nutritional profile to counterbalance all those vegan cookies you’ve been scarfing down.

That’s where Thrive Market comes in. Earlier this week, the online membership-based marketplace, which focuses on food, personal care, beauty products, pet essentials, and more, announced the debut of ready-to-eat Plant-Based Bowls. The company, which is geared towards making healthy living affordable, is selling the meals for $99.99 for a delivery of 10 meals and require no recurring subscription to order, though you’ll need to be a Thrive Market member. (And for those of us living with carnivores, they’ve also debuted Paleo Bowls and Primal Kitchen Bowls and Skillets from paleo brand Primal Kitchen.)

“Launching Bowls + Skillets is a natural extension of our mission to make healthy living easy. As we move into week eight of stay-at-home orders, we knew that families would be struggling during the crisis to create good-for-you meals at home,” said Nick Green, Founder & CEO of Thrive Market in a company press release. “These convenient and quality meals are diet-friendly and delivered to your doorstep to make healthy living even easier, all pre-packaged and are set to stock up your freezer,” he continues.

All Plant-Based Bowls are organic, free from gluten, grains, refined sugars, and soy, as well as all animal products, of course, and you can build your own bundle of 10 meals here. Personally, with six plant-based options to choose from with standouts like vegan fettuccine alfredo, ratatouille, and pesto pasta, we’re certainly looking forward to a break from ye olde hummus sandwiches.

Perri O. Blumberg