How to Mince Celery & Carrots

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Learn how to quickly chop carrots and celery into even pieces.

Chopping up celery, carrots, and other long skinny vegetables is super easy if you just want slices, but if you want a finer mince then it can be a bit more work. To make it go faster, the trick is to cut them lengthwise first – just slice it right down the middle:

chopping celery

Then slice those two pieces down the middle – you could even do it one more time if you want super small pieces.

Cutting Celery

Then just chop along the length of it, making the pieces as short or wide as you’d like.

mincing celery

You’ll be left with a nice pile of evenly sized pieces.

chopped celery

This technique works for carrots too. Just slice lengthwise a few times, rotate and chop into small pieces.

Chopping Carrots

Dicing Carrots

diced carrots

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